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Starting with the basics

If you are having problems starting your car on a cold morning or you are having to crank the engine over for long periods of time there are many things that could be causing your starting issues, we would always start with the basics and advise you to get your battery tested first a weak or discharged battery can cause many faults and issues. With our busy lives there is nothing more annoying than your car not starting in the morning. 
This usually happens at the time when you least expect it. We can test your battery health and advise if you need to change or recharge your battery with all the electronics now fitted to the modern-day car if your car is left not started for a long period these electronics will slowly drain the battery and cause low voltage codes to stored in the electronic modules on the vehicle we can check and clear these faults if required.

Standard Batteries

Unfortunately, there isn’t one battery that fits all vehicles, every vehicle is fitted with different sizes, different Ah or different EN, depending on whether your vehicle is diesel, petrol, hybrid or EV, it is important to fit the correct battery size and output otherwise you could start having electrical faults or starting problems. Below are some of the most common batteries fitted.

If you are unsure what battery fits your vehicle please call and we can advise you on the correct battery for your vehicle. We keep a range of batteries in stock ready for fitting while you wait. All our batteries come with a minimum 3 or 4 year guarantee.

Batteries explained

If my car has start/stop which battery, do I need?
The energy consumption of modern vehicles is increasing and the increasing number of electronic components and comfort systems puts a great load on the battery. In addition, legal requirements to reduce CO2 emissions forced manufacturers to introduce automatic start-stop systems.

Only high-performance car batteries such as EFB or AGM batteries can deal with these increased requirements and provide a stable power supply in the vehicle. A battery for a start-stop system can only be replaced with a battery of the same type. In the case of an EFB battery, an upgrade to an AGM may be advisable. However, under certain circumstances, an AGM battery may be suitable for vehicles without start-stop technology.
Most vehicle are now fitted with either EFB or AGM batteries and when replaced the vehicle needs to be told that the battery has been replaced so the charging system charges your new battery correctly this needs to be done using up to date diagnostic software.

If you are unsure which battery fits your vehicle, please feel free to contact us and we can check for you. We can also test the condition of your battery and advise on if it needs to be recharged or changed.

Battery warning lights?

That battery light staying on isn't necessarily a sign that you need to get a new battery and we would advise you to get this check out immediately as it could cause damage to your battery or other system. If your battery light is on that it is indicating a fault with your charging system and that your battery is either not taking charge anymore or that your alternator may not be charging the battery correctly. 

We can test and check your alternator and if required replace your alternator with a new one or a reconditioned unit.
Auxiliary battery replacement
You may be getting this warning on your dash? The auxiliary battery system isolates all power supply sensitive electrical components which may be affected by low voltage from the main battery during the engine starting phase. There are two contact switches used to change the power supply into two separate circuits when an engine start is required.

Electrical power is then supplied to the sensitive electrical components from the auxiliary battery when an engine start is in progress. The main battery supplies power to the starter motor and maintains essential power to the Engine Management System (EMS) which is essential for engine starting. Primary and secondary battery voltages are monitored to ensure sufficient voltage is available for the next start event and charge can be supplied to the secondary battery when required. If you are getting messages about your auxiliary battery then we can test or supply and fit you a new battery.

Leisure battery
Leisure batteries are used in many applications such as caravans, motorhomes, boats, solar equipment, camper vans and many more. 

A leisure battery is basically a rechargeable, portable power source. If you require a new leisure battery then we can supply and fit that leisure battery at our workshop or at your home or storage unit. call today for a quote
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