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From just a basic oil and filter change, basic service to full service and we can also carry out manufacture services if your vehicle is still under warranty, we have the latest up to date diagnostic software to reset the vehicle service lights. We are also specialists on vehicle braking systems, repair and maintenance and replacement, from brake pad replacement, brake disc replacement, abs systems and also brake pipe replacement. 

Other services include, clutch and flywheel replacement, timing belt replacement, steering and suspension replacement, engine repairs and replacement, exhaust repairs and replacement. Fault diagnostic including, air bag light, battery light, engine light, DPF lights, abs light, traction control light, tyre pressure warning light. We also stock and carry out battery replacement including stop/start AGM batteries. Custom exhaust and Modifications including big brake kits, coilovers suspension bush upgrades, vehicle eco remapping or performance remaps and DPF solutions.
Mot test including collection and delivery within the Preston area. We can carry out mot pre-checks and also mot preparation if you unsure if your vehicle is going to pass the test.

We can get your vehicle through the mot test if it fails, we can get tyres replaced, brakes, suspension, any warning lights fixed, we can also carry out welding repair if required and any other mot failure repair work to ensure your car passes the test.

If your vehicle is due its mot or you would like to book a pre-inspection please call or visit our workshop to make a booking.
Oil and filter replacement
Oil and filter replacement can be carried oil as a mobile job or at out work shop, from a small car to a large van we can carry out you oil and filter change.

We use only the correct oil and quality for your vehicle vehicle, we don’t buy in bulk oil because there are now so many different types and grades available, pacific to your engine. We order the correct oil for your engine direct from the suppliers.

Please contact us with your registration for an oil and filter change quote.
Basic Service
Here at Brake-Fit we have our own tailored basic service schedule that meets and exceeds most main dealer basic services.

Our basic service includes, New oil filter replacement, New air filter Replacement, the correct grade of oil for your vehicle, a 25-point inspection including any fluids checked and topped up, battery test, all four wheels removed, front brake inspection, service light reset and service book stamped.

Prices start from £108 including vat, parts and labour.
Full service
Here at Brake-Fit we have our own tailored full-service schedule that meets and exceeds most main dealer full services.

Our full service includes, oil filter replacement, air filter Replacement, fuel filter replacement, spark plug replacement, cabin filter replacement and the correct grade of oil for your vehicle, a 50 point inspection including any fluids checked and topped up, battery test, all four wheels removed, front brake inspection, rear brake inspection, handbrake or shoe clean and adjustment, brake fluid test, door latch and lock greased, service light reset and service book stamped.

Prices start from £179 including vat, parts and labour.
Brake Pad Replacement
Brake fit specialise in brake pad replacement, we can carry out brake pad replacement on any make or model of light vehicle. We only supply and fit high-quality parts when replacing your brake pads to ensure the pads are fitted correctly.

We can reset any brake pad warning lights or service light using our diagnostic equipment.

If you are unsure if your brake pads need replacing or you have been advised on your last mot, please call in at our workshop where we can carry out a free brake inspection and advise on replacement.
Brake Disc Replacement
Brake disc replacement is important when the brake disc has worn down to below the minimum specification set by the manufacture, brake discs can also become corroded, scored and warped from excessive heat.

We can test and check all of these issues and advise on necessary replacement, we only use high quality brake disc with the correct fitment for your vehicle.

If you are unsure if your if your brake discs need replacement. Please feel free to contact us or call in at our workshop and we will carry out a free brake disc inspection.
Brake Caliper replacement
We specialise at brakes here at brake-fit and if you need your brake calipers replacing or refurbished then you have come to the right place, we can replace or refurbish your original calipers to as new condition. We also can replace your brake hoses, make up new brake pipes to match your originals and carry out brake fluid flushes and changes.
Brake Caliper painting and refurbishment
We can paint your calipers any colour you like, popular colours are, red, blue, white, yellow, black and sliver. We also have other colours available please feel free to call in at our work shop for more advise and colour range.

For more information about what brake work we do and if you would like a free brake inspection please call in at our workshop.
Clutch Replacement
Clutches are like brake pads and they do eventually wear out. More than likely at a time when not expected. Here at brake Brake-Fit we can replace your clutch or any component associated with the clutch system.

We only fit branded clutches and components of original equipment quality with a guarantee to give you peace of mind and to ensure if the clutch fails again in a short space of time you are covered.

There are many other components that need to be checked and replaced when changing a clutch to ensure that failure doesn’t happen. We check and replace any other components that could cause premature failure to ensure you get the full life out of your new clutch.

Because a clutch replacement is a big job, we will require your car to be at the garage. We can arrange collection of your vehicle if you clutch fails. If you need more advice about you clutch please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.
Vehicle Fault Diagnostics
From engine lights and warning light to a rattle on your car we can carry out any fault diagnostics and give you our expert advice. From just a code read to find out why your engine light is on the to a full diagnostic inspection and repair we can help.

We have the latest Snap on diagnostic machine that can rear almost every make and model of car and van, from code read and erase to live data and programming. Resetting service lights and ABS lights, Airbag light, brake wear lights and many more.

Most warning lights have now become part of the MOT test and will fail if illuminated or not working correctly. If your car has a warning light and you are what it is for and how it might affect your vehicle or MOT please contact us for more information.
Timing Belt Replacement
Timing belt and chains replacement requires specialist tools to fit and replace, we keep most timing tools in stock to complete your timing belt or chain replacement. If we don’t have the correct tools, we will either buy or hire the correct tool to do the job.

We only use branded timing belt or chain kits when changing your belt kit or chain kit and we would always recommend changing your water pump if it is driven by the belt to ensure that the job is done correctly. All parts come with a guarantee and service books stamped to prove replacement.

Please call for a quote or advise on timing belt replacement or interval.
Turbo Replacement
Turbos can fail from time to time and cause loss of power become noisy or cause excessive smoke from the exhaust, we can replace your turbo unit with a new unit or a reconditioned unit. Turbos can also fail because of other faults on the engine it is important to check for oil starvation when replacing a turbo to stop premature failure so we always check the oil system and replace any oil feed or return pipes, carried out an engine flush and check oil pressure is correct. We also carry oil and oil and filter change and check the turbo pipe system for any residue oil.

If you need advice on turbo replacement please contact us and we can discuss a diagnostic to see if your turbo has failed.
Battery Replacement
Staring problems? 90% of all starting problems are caused by a poorly battery or a failing starter motor. We can come to you and check and diagnose the fault and replace your battery or starter motor if needed. We only supply good quality batteries with 2 - year, 3 - year and 4 - year guarantees.

For the correct battery for your vehicle please call or message with your registration.

We also supply and fit stop/start AGM batteries please contact for a price for the correct battery for your car or van.
Exhaust Replacement and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)
We can replace repair, fit or even upgraded exhaust system to your vehicle. From just a back-box replacement to a full exhaust system we can do it. New can supply and fit new catalyst converters, new lambda sensors, standard exhaust or upgrade your exhaust to a stainless-steel system.

Exhaust DPF’s or (Diesel Particulate Filters) can cause all sorts of problems from lack of power, warning lights coming on and reduced power mode to become active. We can carry out fault diagnostics to do with DPF problems, we can carry out regeneration and forced regenerations, if your DPF becomes to full then we can remove your DPF and get it fully cleaned and then reset the DPF system.

If you are having issues with you exhaust system or DPF system please call for more advice and information.
Custom Stainless steel Exhaust Systems
We are offering custom made stainless steel exhaust modifications, front just and new exhaust tip to a full exhaust system, we can add a back box delete, centre box delete or make a cat back system. We use high grade stainless still and all bends are bought in at the correct angles. We TIG weld all our joints with stainless steel filler rods and we offer a life time guarantee and all our custom exhaust builds.

If you are interested in having and custom exhaust please give us a call or call in at the workshop for a chat. We will need to see and measure your exhaust before we can give you a quote.
Suspension and Coil Spring Replacement Preston
We are seeing more and more suspension components failing each day and with the condition of the roads distorting, cold weather conditions and quality of metal used, that can cause coil springs to break and fail.

We can replace suspension coil springs and other suspension parts at your home work and at our work shop, from new bushes, replace lower suspension arms, anti-roll bar linkages and bushes, rear axle bushes and tie bars. We can also supply and fit poly bush upgrades if you need to stiffen up or strengthen up your suspension. We also supply and fit new wheel bearings, cv joint kits and other drive line and steering components.

Need advice about your suspension? please free to call or pop in to our workshop and we will happy to help and check and advise you about your suspension.
Towbar fitting
Mobile towbar fitting is becoming more and more popular, I fit towbars to a wide range of vehicles including 4x4s, pickups, mpvs, cars and vans. I fit flange type towbars, swan neck type and also detachable type towbars. Electrics include 12n single trailer sockets and also 12s caravan connection socket. All types of towbars and wiring kit can be fitted at your home or work place. I can supply all parts or you can supply and I will come and fit.
Here at Brake-Fit and B.F PERFORMANCE we are specialists in welding using mig and tig.
Welding (Mig)
The mig welding is used for repairs to the underside of the vehicle and sill sections when rot and corrosion has set in and the vehicle has failed the MOT or is going to fail. We can cut out this section and repair and replace with clean metal, seam weld to MOT standard. We then under seal and protect to help prevent the corrosion returning in that area. We can also carry out mig welding on mild steel exhaust from a hanger bracket to be welded back on to a hole in the exhaust if the rest of the exhaust is ok then it can be repaired.
Welding (Tig)
Tig welding stainless steel, we can modify, make and repair broken stainless exhaust systems, or make adjustments to your existing stainless exhaust system.

We specialize in making custom exhausts using tig stainless, from just a resonator delete pipe, back box delete pipe , new exhaust tips and modifications and to making a full custom system. If you want more sound or just want to enhance the look of your exhaust please feel free to contact us.
The power and fuel economy of your vehicle can be enhanced or boosted by remapping the settings on the engine control unit (ECU). By overwriting the vehicle ECU default map with a remap, which is programmed to enhance the car’s overall performance, you’ll experience an immediate improvement in the speed and power of your vehicle. We offer eco remap solutions and performance remaps if you want more power and noise we advise a custom exhaust and remap to give the vehicle the sound and power you want. For more info please contact us.
Engine Modifications
Here at Brake-Fit and B.F PERFORMANCE we offer a range of different things when it comes to modifiying your engine. Starting off with the basics such as a custom induction kit, all the way to full engine rebuilds such as forged rods, high lift cams etc. Adding improved performance to your engine.


Established in 2013 Brake Fit and B.F PERFORMANCE has become one of Preston's leading car garages in vehicle maintenance, repairs, custom exhaust and upgrades. If you require a free quotation for any repairs or modifications or you just need some advice. Please feel free to contact us, head over to our contact page and check out where we are and find our contact details.


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